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1.       It is/has been 3 years since he got married. 他结婚3年了。

2.       It will be 3 years /a long time before everything returns to normal.


3.       It was 3 hours before the fire was put out. 过了三个小时大火才被扑灭。

4.       It won’t be long before he comes back. 不会要很久他就会回来的。

5.       It/This is/was the first(second) time (that) I have been/had been here.


6.       It makes no difference to me when the sports meeting will be held.


7.       Two many students find it difficult to get into the classroom on time in the morning.


8.       It is no use/good learning without practice.  学而不用没有用处/不好.

9.       It was Oct 1st, 1949 when PRC was founded. 中华人民共和国成立的时间是 1949年10月1日。

10.   It was on Oct 1st, 1949 that China was founded.    中华人民共和国就是在1949年10月1日成立的。



11. If I were you, I wouldn’t help him.   如果我是你,我就不会帮他。(与现在)

12. If it were to rain tomorrow, I wouldn’t go for the picnic.

If it should rain…

If it rained …         如果明天下雨,我就不去野餐。(与将来)

13. If you had come earlier, you would have met him.   如果你早一点来你就会遇上他了。(与过去)

14. (How)I wish I knew the answer now, but I don’t know.   我希望我现在知道答案。(wish)

15. (How)I wish I had known the answer, but I didn’t know.


16. I would rather you had finished your homework. 我宁愿你已经完成了作业。(would rather)

   I would rather (that) you came to see me tomorrow. 我宁愿你明天来看我。

   I would rather (that) you left now. 我宁愿你现在就离开。

17. If only I had been to Beijing.    要是我去过北京就好了。(if only)

18. If you had taken/followed the doctor’s advice, you would recover now.


19. He suggested that we (should) put the meeting forward. His accent suggested that he came from Hubei.


20. What is required at the meeting is that the night school (should) be set up by October 1.


21.   He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he would have scored a goal.




22. It’s possible that he was linked to the case: he might have had a hand in planning the murder.   有可能他和这个案子有关:他可能参与计划了这起谋杀案。

23. We all surprised to hear that Jenny should have accused her parents of their family violence behaviors.      我们都很惊讶地听说Jenny竟然起诉她父母的家庭暴力行为。

24.He should have told me the truth earlier.   他本该早点告诉我事实真相的。(情态动词)

25. Mike can’t be cleaning the classroom now. I saw him playing basketball on the playground a moment ago.     Mike肯定不在打扫教室。刚才我看见他在操场上打篮球。

26. I was on the high way when this car went past followed by a police car. They must have been driving at least 150 kilometers an hour.


27. He must have arrived in Shanghai yesterday, didn’t he?




28.   What a nice day today!  What fine weather it is!  How fine the weather is! 今天天气多么好啊!

29.   What fun it is to swim in the hot day! 热天游泳是多么有趣的事啊!

What good news it is! 多么好的消息啊!

30.   How beautiful the flowers are! 这些花多么漂亮啊!

31.   It is the ability to do the job that matters not where you come from or what you are.


32.   It was not until she took off her dark glasses that I realized she was a famous film star.


33.   How was it that they managed to finish the work in such a short time?


34.   Mary along with/as well as/together with her parents lives in this house.


35.   It is I, rather than he, that am to blame. 我而不是他应该受到责备。

36.   Large quantities of water have been polluted. 大量的水已被污染。

37.   Between the two windows hangs a picture/hang two pictures.




38. It has been raining in the past three weeks.过去三周一直在下雨。(完成时间状语)

39. He was writing a book last year, but I don’t know whether he has finished it.


40. The plane is arriving in 5 minutes.  飞机将于5分钟之后到达。(进行时表将来)

41. I had meant to come here, but I was too busy then.(过去完成时)  


42. If he comes today , I won’t go.  今天如果他会来,我将不走。(主从句时态)

43. He studied in Shanghai for 3 years, and then he has lived in Beijing till now/ since then/ever since


44. I will have written 200 poems by the end of next term.


45. He is afraid of being laughed at.  他害怕人嘲笑。 (被动中的介词不省略)

46. The workers get paid by the month.  这些工人按月发工资。(get表被动)

47. His theory proved (to be ) true.  他的理论被证实是对的。(系动词)

48. This book sells well and is worth reading. Besides, it is easy to understand.


49. The Great Wall is worth reading. (=It is worthwhile to visit the Great Wall ).



50. The plane flew ten times as high as the kite. (那架飞机飞行高度是那个风筝的十倍。)

51. The big tree is four times the height of that small one. (这颗大树的高度是那棵小树的四倍。)

52. We have produced twice more grain this year than we did last year.


53. There are five times as many students as we expected.(到的人是我们预计的五倍。)

54. I spent twice as much time on my studies as you did. (我花在学习上的时间是你的两倍。)

55. The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you will make.(你越仔细,出错越少。)

56. I can’t agree with you more. (我完全同意你的意见。)

57. Tom jumps no higher than I do. (Tom和我一样都跳得不高。)

58. She studies harder than anyone else in her class.=She studies harder than any other student in her class. (她比她班上任何学生学习更努力。)

59. I have never seen a better film (than this).(我从未看过比这还好的电影。)



60. Seldom has she tried to clarify the misunderstanding between us since we quarrelled last month.


61. Only when he returned did we find out the truth.   只有当他回来时,我们才能查明事实真相。

62. Never before have I seen such a moving film.

   =I have never seen such a moving film before.   以前我从未看过这么感人的电影。

63. Hardly had I sat down when the bell rang.   我刚一坐下电话就响了。

64. Not until he left his home did he began to know how important the family was for him.


    So suddenly did the earthquake occur that no one managed to escape from their collapsing houses. 地震发生的如此突然,没有一个人成功地从快要倒塌的房屋中逃离。

65. So dark was it that he couldn’t see the faces of his companions.


So hard does he work that he is popular with his teachers.他学习努力以至于很受老师喜欢。

66. Young as she is ,she has seen much of the world. 她虽然年轻,但却见过很多世面。

67. Should it rain tomorrow, the sports meeting would be put off.


68. Present at the meeting are some scientists from China.出席会议的是一些来自中国的科学家。



69. I found him lying on his back on the ground.我发现他仰卧在地上  (v-ing 作宾补)

70. Can you see the bridge being built/ to be built next year / built in 1990?

    你能看见这个在修建的/ 明年将要建的/ 1990年建的大桥吗?(非谓语作定语)

71. I can’t imagine his (him) swimming across the river alone.


72. He died, leaving an orphan. 他死了,留下一个孤儿。(结果状语,顺承关系)

73. He arrived at the station, only to find the bus had left.


74. The patient needs operating on at once.这位病人需要马上做手术。

75. Seeing the dog, he stopped his car.看见狗,他停下了车。

76. The professor came in, followed by the students.教授来了,后面跟着学生。

77. Addicted to playing computer games, he was absent-minded in class.


78. So many people being absent, the meeting had to be put off.


79. Not having received a reply, he decided to write a sixth letter没有收到回复,他决定写第6封信。



80. I can never forget the day when we worked together and the day (that/which) we  spent together.  我不能忘记我们在一起工作和一起度过的日子.

82. I will never forget the day when (on which) I joined the party.


83. There are 54 students in our class, of whom the most diligent is a newcomer from a faraway mountain village.  我们班有54人,其中最勤奋的是一个来自于遥远的山村的新同学.

84. As I explained on the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting.


85. He was educated at a local school, during which time he studied very hard and was made (elected) Chairman of the Students’ Union.


86. I can think of many cases where students obviously knew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn’t write a good essay.


87. We all know that, if (it is) not carefully dealt with, the situation will get worse.


88. How long do you think it will be before China sends a manned spaceship to the moon?


89. Each/ Every time I was in trouble, he would come and help me out.


90. No matter how/However difficult the task is, we will try our best to complete it before the deadline. 无论任务多么艰巨,我们都将尽力在最后期限之前完成.



91.   That the earth moves around the sun is known to all.

It is known to all that the earth moves around the sun.

What is known to all is that the earth moves around the sun.


92.   When and where the house will be built is still being discussed.


93.   China is no longer what it used to be. 中国不再是曾经的样子了。

94.   Whoever is elected should do what he can to help the people.


95.   I really wondered what it was that made him so angry.


96.   It remains to be seen whether you are right.你是否是对的还拭目以待。

97.   That’s because he didn’t understand me. 那时因为他不理解我。

That’s why he got angry with me.那正是他对我生气的原因。

The reason why I was sad was that he didn’t understand me.我难过的原因是他不理解我。

98.   You’ve no idea how important it is for us to learn English well.


99.   After years of hardship, they finally reached what is called America now.


100.  What they have in common is that they are all independent.他们的共同之处是他们都很独立。

101.  What used to be considered impossible has now turned into realities.


102.  Word came that our team won the football match.消息传来,我们队赢了足球比赛。

103.  University graduates have no idea (of) what it takes to start a company.


104.  She said that the plan would work out well. That was where I disagreed.


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